5 hidden gems you can find on Facebook Insights

As marketers, we love the wealth of data on Facebook Insights. More data is always better, right? But it can be a bit of a time suck mining through it to find what’s most useful.

Unfortunately, with Facebook Insights, some of the most valuable data is not among the most visible. A lot of great information is hidden within the depths of the Facebook Insights dashboard. Below, we’ve aggregated five of our favorite Facebook Insights hidden gems, and explain where to find them and how to use them to enhance your Facebook content strategy.

1. Engagement Rate

What it is: The engagement rate is the number of likes, comments, shares or clicks on a post divided by the number of people who saw it.

How to find it: Click on the “Posts” tab and scroll down to “All Posts Published.” The engagement column will default to number of engagements. Click on the down arrow to see the engagement rate instead.

Facebook InsightsHow to use it: This is the best way to determine your most successful posts. The sheer number of engagements mean very little if you don’t take into account the number of people who actually saw your post.

Think about it – if you have two posts that both received 100 “likes,” it may look like they were equally successful. But, if one post only reached 100 people and the other reached 1,000, then the former was much more engaging than the latter. The engagement rate takes out the guess work so you can dig deeper into your most successful posts to figure out what makes them so enticing – and figure out how to mimic it in the future.

2. Active posts

What it is: Active posts are any posts receiving any kind of activity on any given day. For example, maybe you only posted once on Facebook today, but the post from two days ago is still receiving “likes” and shares. That would mean that today, both are active posts.

How to find it: Click on the “Reach” tab. Then, click on any date on any of the graphs. All of the active posts from that day along with how much activity they received will appear in a pop-up box.

active postsHow to use it: Beyond just the engagement rate of a post, it’s good to know its shelf-life. Which posts are losing activity a day or two after they’re published, and which ones are people still engaging with days or even weeks after they first appear? Do the posts with the highest engagement rates have the longest shelf-life, or is there something else that keeps them from disappearing into the fire hose abyss?

3. External Referrers

What it is: Non-Facebook websites referring traffic to your Facebook page.

How to find it: Click on the “Visits” tab and scroll all the way down.

Facebook InsightsHow to use it: It’s always good to know how people are finding your page. Chances are the referrers will include your website, Google and some sort of mail client (if you include social icons in your email marketing). If not, you might be doing something wrong. Make your social icons more visible on your digital properties, and use keywords in Facebook posts to make sure you’re being found on Google.

Also, look for any surprises. If websites are referring traffic to your Facebook page, that’s ripe for a partnership.

4. When your fans are online

What it is: A dashboard that will show you on what days and at what times your fans are logged into Facebook.

How to find it: Somewhat counter-intuitively, you can find this dashboard on the “Posts” tab, not the “People” tab, as you may first expect.

Facebook InsightsHow to use it: This one’s pretty obvious – figure out the days and times your fans are most active, and schedule your posts then for maximum exposure. But make sure to track their reach – if you don’t see it going up organically, try tweaking the times a bit until you find that sweet spot.

5. People Engaged

What it is: Demographic information about the people who have engaged with your page, including gender, age and location.

How to find it: Click on the “People” tab. Then, click over to the “People Engaged” sub-head.

Facebook InsightsHow to use it: All of the tabs on this page will give you the same demographic information. What’s interesting about the “People Engaged” tab is that it juxtaposes the demographics of your fans and the people you’re reaching. Look for any discrepancies. Maybe only 40% of your fans are women, but women comprise 60% of the people engaged. That means you either have to make your content more applicable to men to get them engaged, or target more women so they make up more of your followers.

Same goes for age and location – the people who are engaging with your Facebook page are the people your content is actually reaching on an emotional level. Pay close attention to who they are, and craft your content accordingly.

What do you find most useful on Facebook Insights? Tell us in the comments below!

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